Rajas (Sanskrit) is a philosophical principle that promotes or upholds the activity of action, change, and mutation

Rajas released an EP “Mr. Thrills” in 2017. Their second full-length LP “INFIDELIC” was released in 2015. Rajas’ current lineup consists of Ben Sherazi on guitar/vocals, Gino Barboni on drums, Paul Jones on keys/bass, and David Timnick (Intronaut) on bass/guitar. INFIDELIC features guest players including Danny Carey (Tool), bassist Jimmy Earl (Jimmy Kimmel), and tabla master Aloke Dutta.
Rajas started in 2010 with songs written by Los Angeles composer Ben Sherazi—unorthodox harmonies woven through driving, hypnotic rhythms. Dissonant guitar-scapes with a chaotic underbelly. The debut record features guest drummers James Maxwell and Aaron Harris (Isis, Palms), and Co-producer Gino Barboni. When the time came to play the material live, Paul Jones came in on bass, along with Gino Barboni on drums, and longtime Timothy Leary associate Vince DeFranco on analog synthesis and a ‘69 Fender Rhodes.

Rajas’ live performances garnered attention for their dynamic range and unpredictability. The strength of the live show led Tool to add Rajas as the support act on their 10,000 Days North American summer tour.

Their debut self-titled album featured a video for the song “Mook” directed by and starring visual artist Tim Hill.

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